Academics Under the Microscope

Alexandre Borovik has revised his manifesto. I’d sure like to see more such commentary on “the current discourse of university teaching”. But that’s probably asking too much (unless, the obvious, I actually try to contribute something along those lines instead of, what’s much easier, just griping all the time). It’s kind of weird. By sticking to some very particular issue—reopening a school in Turkey, for example—it’s possible to really make a difference in people’s lives. But once you get into “big picture” stuff, forces of the status quo just seem to emerge out of everywhere at once and somehow (almost!) always seem to sideline any interesting ideas far away from whatever audience might benefit from ’em. Anyhow, Prof. B doesn’t let this kind of thing bother him; just goes right ahead and does the work. There’s probably somebody around here who could learn something from that …


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