Links: Now With Added Verbosity

\bullet Unapologetic John Armstrong discusses an economic model without once mentioning Category Theory. Also he appears to have started another blog. Oh, and here’s a thread on th’ Carny.
\bulletAnother thread on CoM, at Michi’s … and still another, at MathNotations. Michi himself is on vacation and hasn’t said much …
\bulletTom Lehrer Collides With the Periodic Table of the Elements, at Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, via meeyauw. As for added verbosity, hmm … here’s a gratuitous self-reference.
\bulletTerry Tao on Danica McKellar.
\bulletGerbes in The Guardian.
\bullet Innumeracy Cannot Be Overestimated, in Language Log. See, I don’t just read math blogs …


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