Disaster at WordPress

The program I’ve been using to edit my posts appears to have disappeared. Specifically, up until today, whenever I’d click “Write Post”, I’d find myself in an editor, and at the top of the space where one enters the copy, there would appear a pair of options: a point-and-click interface and another wherein one could enter HTML code directly (and have it mangled somewhat; nevertheless, this was much the best option for me). When I opened the editor this time, though, the do-it-yourself option failed to appear. If I have to learn the point-and-click style in order to, for instance, be able to post links, I’m almost certain to give up.


  1. a couple hours later it appears
    that the new editor might be
    an improvement on the old:
    “cutting & pasting” works better now.

    this will do nothing to improve
    my attitude toward mandatory
    “upgrades” in software generally
    but admittedly comes as a relief.
    long live HTML.

  2. I flip back and forth between modes. I like having a choice.

  3. this wasn’t some cosmic accident;
    i’d clicked *off* some editing option
    when i was exploring around in
    some word press options menu
    (that i now can’t find again …
    not that i want to … just wish
    i knew *how* …).
    it’s definitely an improvement.

  4. it’s in the “users” menu,
    “your profile” submenu.
    you can get there by accident
    if you log in wrong
    (otherwise i’d still be looking …).

  5. I think we are all looking at slightly different versions of the software… depends on when you signed up.

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