Casting Out Nines

Robert Talbert of Casting Out Nines is preparing a Modern Algebra class for this Fall—and has decided not to use a textbook. In this recent blog post, he contemplates the “big picture” question: what’s the theme of the course? He’s thoughtfully included links to earlier posts on this topic … including “Escaping Textbooks”, which itself includes links to earlier posts about textbooks. Which unfortunately appear to have been eaten by the internet; clicking on ’em took me to the current frontpage. Here’s hoping these documents will become available again soon …

  1. Robert

    Actually those links are there — but I recently changed themes at my blog, and I also changed the way permalinks are formed. So all the old permalinks are now no longer accessible. I’ll go back and fix that in the Escaping Textbooks post, but for now, here are the five links from the beginning of that article, in order of appearance and with the new permalink format:

    Thanks for the link and the heads-up that I need to fix this.

  2. Robert

    That comment didn’t come out very coherent. What I meant to say is, the pages to which those links are directed are still at the blog. But the permalinks have changed, so old-format permalinks just redirect to the blog’s main page.

    I’ve finished updating the “Escaping Textbooks” post so that the links have the new permalink structure. So click away!

  3. and very good stuff it is too. thanks for the fixup!

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